As a caddie, you are a part of the rich history and tradition of Rockford Country Club.  RCC was established in 1899 and the use of caddies has long been part of the club.  Being a caddie at Rockford Country Club will provide you with a great opportunity to earn money, learn the game of golf, gain exposure to positive role models and enhance your communication skills.  

Getting started
To caddie at Rockford Country Club, you must follow these simple steps:
1. All potential caddies are required to complete the application in its entirety, found below
2. Read the RCC Caddie Guide and have a complete understanding of the job requirements and expectations.
3. Attend the training classes and demonstrate the ability to caddie at a high level. 

For more information, please email Ryan Niffenegger at [email protected]

Click here to apply Caddie Application

Click here for the RCC Caddie Guide
Click here for the Western Golf Associations Caddie Manual

Caddie Training Video's
Video #1
Video #2